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They told me the only way to make legitimate money...

…was with a traditional 9-to-5 J.O.B. (just over broke). I struggled for years with being content at a job. People called me lazy, a dreamer, head in the clouds, you name it. It wasn’t exactly a stroke to the ol’ ego, so I attempted to bury the desire of being an entrepreneur – until I couldn’t anymore. In 2016, I left my job and went right to chasing my dreams.

In 2020, the criticisms finally stopped, and I was no longer “crazy”…

COVID-19 struck and suddenly everybody wants to work from home...

The thought of working from home was laughable until it was no longer an option. Countless people lost their jobs while many others looked to acquire a new skill in order to adapt to any remote position. 

I was once ridiculed for having a dream, now people are knocking down my door asking how I did it. My income didn’t take a hit, in fact, it only got better!

Here’s the reality of it…

No one wants another pandemic to hit – but WHAT IF it does? Shouldn’t you be prepared?  At this point, I think we can agree the threat of this happening again in the future is very real – why not prepare yourself with skills that are ALWAYS in demand so you won’t have to worry about your income stopping ever again?